United Kingdom

Fire & Rescue - Heavy Rescue unit.

MAN Urban Search and Rescue vehicles operated by Devon in South West England. I’m personally a big fan of the deep blue lights. Call 999 (UK) or 112 (European standard) for emergencies.

United Kingdom Devon photos

Courtesy of Southwest 999.

In use only in the United Kingdom, the Volvo S80 is a specialized vehicle that can fully accommodate a stretcher, AED, suction, IV cannulation, O2 and other necessary tools.

Courtesy of the fantastic UK resource: UK Emergency.

Presenting the Leyland TVAC in front of Penwortham Fire Station in Lancashire, England.

The Dennis DS and SS fleet seems to be also a popular manufacturer of emergency apparatus. Alexander Dennis is now the name of the company, and they’re best known for specialised commercial vehicles, including fire engines and buses, and they’re based in Guildford, UK.

They apparently refer to SCBAs as ‘respirators’, which obvious makes much more sense and is easier to understand. Oh well.

Details from TVAC Fire

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