Video: Real Life Resuscitation

The lifeguards of Bondi Beach, New South Wales, in Australia, calmly bring back a man to life after he is lacking a pulse and is not breathing. Three shocks and ten minutes later, the man is conscious, alert, and oriented!

5 Responses to “Video: Real Life Resuscitation”

  1. Great job guys, it’s amazing what defibs can do for us at this point where before we may have lost patients with similar symptoms.

  2. Wow, it’s amazing, i am an e.m.t and it always great for patients to recover like that. My question is it seems the defib takes too long to recharge and it says check pulse, it automatically does that itself on the defibs we have.

  3. good job i like people like yall wait i want to be a emt and firefighter so i can save lifes the my dream and i always been told i cant be but u watch me but anyway great job

  4. Here in brazil problably he’s dead, because haven’t defibrillator on the baech for service rascue on the sea.

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